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Since Hostel Che Playa opened in 2011 and became the first of Grupo CHE, a firm idea was developing among its founders. CHE would be more than a place to sleep. CHE would be a unique experience and a place that would create memories and stories for everyone.

Of course it was not always as easy and colourful. We started from the very beginning. We shared drinks with our first guests and took them out to party to touristic and local spots. We all cooked together and shared ours stories all night long. Soon afterwards we developed an idea that we had in mind even before CHE was born. It was our FREE TOURS. The simple idea of visiting the main tourist attractions in the Riviera with all our hostel guests, going by bus together, carrying ice and drinks to spend a great afternoon together and getting people to know each other.

Today we have added a wide range of other activities and they are now a main part of all our CHE hostels. Argentinean BBQ, grilled pizza, mojito lessons, beer-pong tournaments, karaoke nights, live music, DJs and Fluor night parties. We also created CHE Market, where the community of artisans and local producers offer their handcraft in a space created for them. We are always working to create content and the BEST experiences.

Whether we are celebrating birthdays, carnivals, holidays from different countries, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, we are always creating unique experiences during the day and during the night. We share moments in our language, 

dancing or cooking lessons, we go snorkelling, we explore a cave or we go cycling together. Creating unique experiences is our main goal at GRUPO CHE.

Our day begins at 7 in the morning with the delicious smell of coffee filling our corridors. Breakfast is served. And during the next 18 hours until we close our bar at 1 in the morning we work to create unique stories with our guests to make each moment at Che an unforgettable experience.

We are currently in three destinations and we have two upcoming locations. GRUPO CHE and all our staff will continue working day after day to create more and better experiences until we become the icon of all fellow travellers coming to Mexico and Central America seeking the best experiences.

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