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When we opened Hostel Che back in 2011 with the first establishment in Playa del Carmen, it was our desire to offer more than just accommodation.
We wanted to create and be part of the history of each of our fellow travelers and fill the pages of their diaries with unforgettable experiences that could be told through time and invite everyone else to live them too.

Getting to fill the pages of each fellow traveler has not been an easy task. When we started we used to meet our guests at the bar and we would break the ice by sharing some drinks and becoming the hosts of their parties. We would take them to the most popular touristic spots as well as more local places so they got involved in everyday life.
We shared the kitchen and the food and as time went by we became hosts during the day as well. We started with our CHE TOURS and took our guests out to enjoy the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean every day. We helped people create bonds and made that first impression unique.

CHE TOURS helped us increase our offer. Today our guests can meet local craftsmen and purchase manufactured products thanks to our CHE MARKET and they can share and pick up knowledge in our free WORKSHOPS, such as margarita, mojito and guacamole lessons.

CHE NIGHTS have become a classic thanks to our Argentinean BBQ, beer pong tournaments, karaoke, live music, DJs and Fluor nights, where many different languages go with the same flow.
Today we are proud to offer in three different cities a service that goes beyond just accommodation and we are still growing. We create unique experiences and we become part of those pages and anecdotes of each fellow traveler. Stories that will go on in time and will be told to others so they too can join us and live their own CHE Experience.

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