CHE Family

At Grupo Che we are convinced that, among friends, everything is better. Discover a different way of working, in which each member is a fundamental part of this big family.

Help us inspire thousands of travelers and discover the natural beauty of each place and the true meaning of FUN. We want more travelers and digital nomads to experience a CHE-style adventure.

  • Our Values


    We are proud to work every day to offer travelers experiences that transcend time, being part of thousands of travelers’ stories, creating exceptional moments through our main purpose, fun.
  • Our Values


    We believe in celebrating life in every moment, enjoying the beauty of each place and sharing the happiness that every moment we spend together brings us. We are a group of friends with unique ties, who day in and day out, work in what we are passionate about.
  • Our Values

    Respect for nature

    The natural environment is the perfect framework that encompasses our purpose, we want all travelers to get involved, become exposed to, feel and connect with the special, unique nature that surrounds each destination.
  • Our Values

    Respect for the human being

    We are a big family. We encourage interaction, meeting and getting to know others, the diversity and charm of each person, we are witnesses and accomplices of true human connections.

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