Enjoy with friends at Che Nómadas Mérida

Merida is located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, being one of the must-see places. 

A place with incomparable memories

Among its streets weaves the history that recalls the changes that this beautiful city has had and that you will be able to know through its memories and culture in its beautiful monuments, mansions and avenues.

For history buffs, there are plenty of museums where you can learn about life in this city over time—from when it was founded in 1542 until today. You can also visit the archaeological site of Uxmal or the Balankanché Caves, both declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

While this place may sound like a family plan, we assure you that Mérida is also the perfect place to spend time with friends. 

The place to enjoy with friends

Che Nómadas Mérida offers great adults-only accommodations in a safe location close to downtown and the best attractions in the city. This hostel offers a variety of activities as well as tours and excursions, so you can discover more about the culture and history of Mérida while enjoying the company of your friends. 

You can enjoy typical places such as mezcalerías or savor the contemporary culture in some new places with drag shows.

It has fun activities in the pool as well as perfect facilities to rest after touring the city, plus a unique architecture from its floors to its gardens.

In this city there is food for all budgets in the markets throughout the city, with different delicacies such as cochinita pibil (pork cooked underground), relleno negro, stuffed cheese, chicken tamales with mole negro, papadzules, salbutes, and much more, along with delicious typical drinks such as pozol or Xtabentún. 

Strolling through its beautiful gardens and admiring the textile work of Yucatecan artisans while admiring the regional dances on a Sunday in the plaza or enjoying a Yucatecan serenade in the company of travelers from all over the world will be a great experience.

Do not forget to stop by the Cenotes Route…

You can also take a tour of the famous cenotes of Homun, a region close to the Yucatecan capital with beautiful water holes where you can cool off and swim a little. 

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